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Hi all,

Jo here, founder of UTA. I’m writing this blog post to say WOW, my feeling after completing the first term of the Actor’s Playdate is incredible. To those who came, bringing your excitement and energy, your personalities and your laughter, to those who supported it, THANK YOU. I am brimming with inspiration having met and worked with each of you. I cannot express the value that these sessions have bought to our practice as a company, and I hope that participating has been as fruitful for those attending as it has been for me to lead them.

On a practical level, drop-in sessions have proved fantastically useful to those who are not able to commit to coming every week. They have also allowed flexibility for some to dip their toes in and try it. Since this was our first term, our sessions have been adapted each week after personal evaluation and from feedback we helpfully received. We have also taken your comments on board and moved the session from a slightly inaccessible Wednesday afternoon to a much more comfy Saturday at 4pm. We have even extended the sessions from 1 to 2 hours, as we’ve found that the sessions are over far too quickly! The rate has remained the same, only now the time has doubled. The £5 an hour/£4 concession price has become £10 for 2 hours/£8 concession, and we aim to keep it low. Attending, you’ll get much more value for money because we’ll be able to run better quality games that may require more set-up, and activities that you’re able to really get your teeth into.

As the facilitator, these sessions have a very clear goal to me. I want these sessions to be a place for actors to come back to, in order to feel grounded and ‘reset’ from the stresses and strains of auditions or acting. To reconnect with why they do what they do and remember why they love it. A chance to network and work with our actors and collaborators (who often attend) as well as a refreshingly diverse group of new talent, to play and further your own practice without the pressure to consistently perform. I also want this to be a place for those who’ve taken time away from performing, or have always wanted to give it a try, to build confidence in an environment which feels safe, inclusive, and encouraging. These sessions, however, are not limited to actors alone. People from all backgrounds are welcome to join as our sessions are routed in adult drama games and promote freedom of expression, boosting self-esteem and giving all the opportunity to reap the positive psychological benefits of adult play. I can personally certainly vouch for the many benefits of playing, and appreciate some of the barriers that can hold people back from wanting to dive into drama. You will never be asked to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and you might just surprise yourself at what you can do!

I’d like to give a personal shout-out to Becky and Faye who attended for the term, bought so much spirit and fun to the classes, and who so warmly welcomed every newcomer that attended. I’d like to thank Alice, who booked but then couldn’t attend – and who then so kindly offered her booking be offered as a bursary place for someone to attend next term! Wowzers. I’d also like to thank Clare form PlayOn! for her support and encouragement. Do keep an eye out for her Adult Games play sessions coming in Bristol the new year! Very exciting indeed.

We are currently offering an Early Bird promotion for the entire term (4 weeks of 2 hour sessions) at a reduced rate of just £30, or just £25 for students, so if you’re planning to come along grab it while you can at silly prices. My plan for the next term is to play LONGER and HARDER mwuhahahahahah!!! There may or may not be balloons involved….

To book, click here. If you would like to apply for the bursary place, email us using the subject ‘Bursary’, giving us he reason you wish to attend the workshop. (To qualify for this place, you must not have attended one of our workshops before and you need to apply before 1st November.) If you would like to know more about the sessions do get in touch on our team email.

PS:The Crowdfunder campaign for our upcoming project Intersect is about to go live. Do keep an eye out for it and if you can lend us your support, even if it is with just £1, we would greatly appreciate it! Watch this space.

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